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The drive took hours, or at least seemed to, arriving late afternoon I found the motel and settled in the local bar waiting for Greg.

It drives me round the bend at times, wanting to see her used, her submitting for my pleasure, as I sit back with a beer and enjoy the scene.From when I first met Elena she has been the girl in these dreams, naked, suspended, sweaty.Dreams are one thing, reality is something else completely.And so it went on, 'JAILFUN4USALL' became Greg, Greg felt he knew Elena very well, and I got to know a little about Greg. Large black guy maybe 220lbs defiantly military type, dressed casual and we talked.Greg the Prison warder, ex-military divorced and to quote Greg, 'a professional sadist' Then 'Want to meet for a drink? The bar was easy to find, half way between we said, somewhere neutral, safe. One beer became 3, Elena suffered, raped, beaten and as we talked we got on, friend to friend. Greg worked as a senior guard at a jail a couple of hours away, low key place, miles from anywhere on the edge of the desert, nasty place he said, the worst guys got put there, real head cases – rapists, pedophiles, 1 degreer's, ever since the death penalty was abolished in the state they had to put the somewhere.

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