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Objective To prospectively validate the HERDOO2 rule (Hyperpigmentation, Edema, or Redness in either leg; D-dimer level ≥250 μg/L; Obesity with body mass index ≥30; or Older age, ≥65 years), which states that women with none or one of the criteria can safely discontinue anticoagulants after short term treatment. Setting 44 secondary or tertiary care centres in seven countries.

Women were classified as low risk if they had none or one of the four HERDOO2 criteria (fig 1).Main outcome measure Recurrent symptomatic VTE (independently and blindly adjudicated) over one year of follow-up.Results Of 1213 women, 631 (51.3%) were classified as low risk and 591 discontinued oral anticoagulant treatment.Baseline imaging was conducted to assist in the diagnosis of subsequent suspected recurrent VTE in patients who discontinued anticoagulants.Patients were contacted by telephone or seen in person at six months (two weeks either way).

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