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In 1827, Noah Smithwick left Kentucky for Texas "with all [his] ...worldly possessions, consisting of a few dollars in money, a change of clothes, and a gun, of course ...."[14] At one point in some Texas wilderness he lost his property and found himself "weak, unarmed, not even a pocket knife."[15] Meeting a wild animal, he "felt around for a good sized club....If the states cannot protect their citizens' fundamental liberties, or are careless about such protection, then obviously the basic, fundamental vitality of state governments is immeasurably weakened.[5] The arms guarantee was expressed in different versions of the Texas Constitutions of 1836, 1845, 1869, and 1876.

Sam Houston, commander of the Texan citizens army, urged the North Americans: "Let each man come with a good rifle and one hundred rounds of ammunition--and ... The Telegraph reported: The state of Puebla, with the governor at its head, has refused to publish the law of centralism [decreed on Oct.

In 1835, the government of Santa Anna sought to make its rule absolute through the spread of military garrisons, declarations of martial law, and attempts to disarm the inhabitants of the Mexican states.

Santa Anna's puppet congress passed a law providing for the replacement of the local militias by his standing army. Austin explained: "This 'reform' reduced the militia of the States to for every five hundred inhabitants, and disarmed all the rest.

Despite its stereotype of being a state where cowboys promiscuously tote six-shooters, Texas is one of the few states that absolutely prohibits the bearing of pistols by private individuals.[7] The only off-premises exception is for travelers, who may bear arms for self-defense, as the constitution allows, either openly or concealed.[8] The only other exception is for hunters and other sportsmen, who bear arms for recreation and not for self-protection.[9] By contrast, most states either allow arms to be carried openly in public and/or require permits to carry concealed arms.

The Southern and Western states generally allow arms to be borne openly but require permits for carrying concealed arms off one's premises.[10] The Northern states generally require permits or licenses to bear arms either openly or concealed.[11] Vermont is unique in allowing weapons to be carried hidden from view without a permit.[12] Unlike Texas, even the reputedly most restrictive jurisdictions such as Massachusetts, New York City, and Washington, D. provide for the issuance of permits to carry a firearm for self-protection.[13] The Texas courts have in several opinions sought to reconcile the general statutory prohibition of bearing arms for self-defense with the constitutional right to bear arms for defense of self and state.

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In its 1989 session, the Texas legislature rejected bills that would ban the mere possession of many conventional rifles and pistols, as well as a bill that would legalize carrying handguns by providing for a permit.[1] Bills to ban firearms recently have been introduced or enacted in other states, and the United States Congress is considering legislation to ban various rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

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