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Let me be clear: This doesn't mean I have officially been declared a ten by the Sugar D staff.

All the verification really tells people is that I don't look like a complete stranger in my makeup-free pics—that I wasn't hiding anything.

I stayed out with that guy but didn't go out with him again—he had an annoying voice.

"Sugar baby" users submit makeup-free pictures for assessment, and Sugar D then rewards their profile with a certification that "proves your beauty." The idea, writes the founder of the company, supports "truth-in-advertising" [sic].David Cameron, leader of the opposition the Conservative party, is currently enjoying a huge lead in the polls, is currently on holiday in the area with his family.The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has chosen to take his annual holiday in Southwold, Suffolk.#1.) Twist the stem of an apple while saying the names of the people you’re interested in.The name you’re saying when the stem comes off is the person that you will marry.

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I’ve only heard of one of these, but that doesn’t mean the rest don’t exist.

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