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"It is clear the defendant's motives for these attacks were sexual." Dinah's father Ian Mc Nicol, a former jazz musician, sat in Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday hearing the evidence.

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While many of these persons will openly admit as true most of the serious flaws and foibles pointed out by his critics who've dared to speak publicly (such critics—including ex-Rajneeshee disciples Hugh Milne, Satya Bharti Franklin, Deeksha/Maria Grazia Mori, James Gordon, Julian Lee, Kate Strelley, and Christopher Calder—are quoted at some length at this webpage), the faithful disciples nevertheless gloss over or rationalize away the problematic aspects as being "irrelevant" or some kind of Gurdjieff-style "testing of disciples' egolessness." They still prefer to express tremendous gratitude and appreciation for all that they learned and received from Rajneesh over their months or years with this "gifted" and "remarkable" man, as several of his devotees have described him in their emails to me, a few of which i will reproduce later at this webpage.

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It bares Barbara's full birth name (minus her married name), her nickname, and an approximate death date. For more true crime stories, follow The Lineup on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.