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Kidding aside, it’s apparent that Roy’s own happiness lies in helping others find theirs.

From my session with her, I came away with advice that will be burned in the back of my mind as I re-launch myself into the dating world. Don’t be a “victim of the dating world.” Just ask my friends who are forced to listen to my endless “woe is me” rants.

She has appeared in A&E’s For me, her real draw appeared when she predicted, with specific details, my future love life.

Also, wasn't romance all about deciphering the quiet mysteries of a possible lover?Instead, Roy suggests I focus on being a more “confident” dater and realize that success begins with myself as well as the energy I put out into the world. The idea of a “soul mate” is completely unrealistic.Roy explains that the idea that there remains ONE person for you puts far too much pressure on any relationship. Roy is no fan of online dating, explaining that “if you think about it, there’s not a lot of difference between online dating and ” It’s as if online dating has turned courting into a commercialized commodity, which ultimately takes out all of the romance.Other platforms like Tinder claim its user base is growing by one per cent per day and though they don't encourage extra-marital affairs, users of these apps have legitimate cause to worry.With intimacy being a prerequisite for most communication here, users are fast catching on to a somewhat obvious truth -the Internet can be a terrible guardian of your best kept secrets.

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