Internet dating is for weirdos

Contributing writer Kimberly Couzens submitted this post as a Reader Submission for Gurl. If you’d like to submit your writing to Gurl, please send us an email at [email protected] the incessant TV commercials for, it feels like the Internet is the place tons of people are meeting potential dates.I didn’t find his personality amazing, but he was so good looking that I was willing to overlook it. Eventually, Hunter confessed that not only had he stolen someone else’s pictures, he didn’t live anywhere close to where he indicated in his profile.Hunter sent me actual photos of himself and he looked nothing like his profile pics.

You’re so excited you met someone that you can convince yourself that they’re your dream match. Many of the guys I’ve crushed on in real life probably would not have appealed to me based on their online profiles. I would love to think that there’s someone out there who is a perfect match for me to find online, but after my experiences, I’d prefer to meet someone in person before spending too much time talking to them.

Even though I had had a bad experience, I wasn’t ready to give up.

A few months later, I decided to look for a new guy, vowing to be more careful about it this time.

But face to face, things were the complete opposite and I felt like I was hanging out with a stranger. I felt bad, but I just wasn’t physically attracted to him either.

It didn’t take much longer for me to realize that people can be totally different in person than they act like online. After meeting Pete, I realized that there are so many things that can be “off” about someone that you can’t detect without meeting them in person.

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I found Pete*, a guy my age who worked at a local car dealership.

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