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So talk about what you expect and come to an agreement on things you deem appropriate for both of you.This is the surest way for both parties to have a good time on this sextexting app. Is there a chance for a future meet up down the road?Remember: there’s always going to be someone else available.Don’t just disappear into thin air If things aren’t going well between the two of you, make sure you end it well instead of disappearing into thin air.Sooner or later, they’ll acquiesce to your request. Be online on schedule Although most people are online 24/7, that doesn’t mean their entire time can be devoted to giving their attention to you.Respect the other person’s time and they’ll respect your time as well.A little embellishment is ok but outright lies are definitely frowned upon.You don’t want to end up meeting with the person you’ve been chatting with only to have to confess that everything you said was a lie. Establish some basic ground rules Although most people regard these apps as a way for them to be spontaneous, a few basic ground rules shouldn’t hurt.

If the person says no, think of it as a temporary thing.Be polite The rules of modern convention should never be discarded even if you’re using a sex app. Where would you want to meet up if the opportunity ever comes up?Just because you’re sexting doesn’t mean you should immediately send lewd messages. Get to know the person first before you take things a notch further. Find out what their interests are and build your conversation from there.Try to get a feel of how and where the conversation is heading. You’re here because you want to connect with someone and have an adult chat with them. Share your interests with the other person and find out what their thoughts are about the things you’re into.You’re dealing with a real person on the other end of the line. This is a great way to establish trust between you and the other person on the line.

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