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According to Forbes, the Boise area's projected annual job growth is 1.87 percent and our unemployment rate is 4.2 percent.Nelson says while it's great to have a low unemployment rate, but that also creates a challenge when looking at the talent pipeline: it means less people are available to fill jobs.The magazine cites low unemployment (4.4%) and a low cost of housing as the primary reason people are choosing to move to this area.The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce boasted about the ranking on their Facebook page.One of the elements that article talks about is our job growth.We have seen job growth well above national average for several years in a row," Nelson added.Clearly, cultural events and attractions figured into the publication’s criteria, as did factors like cost of living, access to medical care, quality-of-life components such as crime rate and air quality, and volunteer and community engagement opportunities.Taxes were taken into account as well, though the survey points out that states with minimal (or zero) income tax, such as Florida, Texas and Nevada, often have higher real estate and sales taxes, both of which can greatly affect retirees who are no longer living off a salary.

Employment prospects – using the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent tally of local unemployment, as well as data from Moody’s Analytics on job growth in 2016 and projections for 2017-2018Networking opportunities – using Census data showing the percent of the population 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree Social outlook – using Census data to determine the share of the local population aged 20 to 29."I'm just really grateful to be able to live in a city that I love and be able to support myself and network with like-minded people."Allsop says the number of people she meets and can network with grows every day.Boise Young Professionals is growing at a record pace, Sestero said; they are adding about 100 members a month, bringing their total membership to 1,600 members.And to discover other great spots to live, go to AARP’s Most Livable Places for people over 50, which features our Livability Index tool, which lets you enter your ZIP code to see how your community measures up.BOISE -- The City of Trees is smashing yet another "best city" list" this week, ranking number two on the Forbes list of America's 25 Best Cities for Young Professionals.

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Forbes says the share of the local population aged 20 to 29 is 13 percent."It's nice to be able to network with those kinds of people and they all kind of migrate together and work together.

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  1. If you find someone with whom you click, you can then gradually (or rapidly) move towards exclusiveness, depending on your/their desire. I can’t say that about the LDS world, and if it weren’t for my rather exceptional experience in other contexts, I doubt I would *have* any male LDS friends.