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I would say a second date makes perfect sense.“Also you shouldn’t spend ages flirting online.

She says: “I was quite young when we got together, and I had never really been dating before.”But a year after her marriage ended she decided to start dating again.Whereas at the beginnings she was going on dates “a couple of times a week, some times more,” she has now decided to be more selective before arranging to meet up.“It was really fun in the early stages. “I started going out to a lot places and eating out at lovely restaurants.“I was dressing up and it was an excuse to do my hair and make up.I was really quite energetic in the beginning, but after a while it got tiresome.“I felt I was always putting on this dressed up version of me, and it became quite expensive doing my hair at the salon so often.”After shifting her focus on herself, Jill has reached a more relaxed mindset when it comes to meeting new people.“I now go on one or two dates a month,” she says. Now dates come along and if it happens great but I don’t view it in the same way as I did when I first started.The dynamic on set was said to be ‘electric’ because of the cast’s star power.They include Michelle Pfeiffer as glamorous American Mrs Caroline Hubbard; Judi Dench as sharp-tongued fellow passenger Princess Natalia Dragomiroff; Johnny Depp as the murder victim; Penelope Cruz as Greta, a Spanish missionary with a ‘secret past’; Olivia Colman as Princess Dragomiroff’s maid; Derek Jacobi, the victim’s valet and Daisy Ridley, recently in the new Star Wars fame, as a governess.

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“It was about a year after I broke up with my ex-husband that I started looking,” she says.

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