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She has brown hair, brown eyes, is about five feet two inches tall and was last seen in the Lexington, Kentucky area.If you have any information, please contact me at the address posted.For 10 years he gathered shreds of information from various sources, but nothing valuable materialized.Finally, the age of the Internet dawned, and Todd was thrust into a world where distance was no longer a barrier.Lori recounted her father's story to Todd, after which Todd became somewhat obsessed with researching the case.

In a final act of dignity, a second grave marker was placed beneath the original stone in Georgetown Cemetery.

1 hr 35 min Plot Summary Single mom Katherine (Cheryl Ladd) forbids her 14-year-old daughter, Lisa (Staci Keanan), from dating.

Frustrated, Lisa and her equally lonely friend Wendy (Tanya Fenmore) take to secretly following attractive men, sneakily learning their numbers and prank calling them.

She was also married to a carnival worker named George Earl Taylor, who claimed he hadn't seen her in years and that she had left him for another man.

By the time Barbara was identified, George Taylor was long dead, having succumbed to cancer in October 1987.

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