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Animal Shelter Dogs: Promoting Them for Adoption, Finding a New Home for a Pit-Bull-Terrier-Like Dog, Pet Profiles: How to Write Animal Bios to Get Your Adoptables Into Homes, Animal Shelters and Rescues Partnering to Save Pets Has something happened in your life and you can no longer take care of your pet?

Or perhaps you have found a stray cat or dog and need to find him/her a home.

In some communities, finders of lost animals are legally required to either surren­der the animal to the animal shelter or to report to the shelter that they have a stray animal.

Check with your local animal control or animal services department in your city to find out what your legal obligations are.

(We assume you don’t want to just give the pet away without making sure that he/she is going to a good, responsible home.) We suggest questions to ask to find out if the prospec­tive adopter will provide a suitable home.Finally, we offer some words of encouragement in your quest to find a good new home.Table of Contents 1.) What to do when you’ve found a stray 2.) How to get the word out 3.) How to prepare the pet for adoption 4.) How to screen potential adopters 5.) Interviewing the potential adopter 6.) Meeting the potential adopter 7.) Finalizing the adoption 8.) Some final words of advice and encouragement 9.) Sample forms If you’ve found a stray, do the obvious first – check for a tag.For example, you could leave out the gender of the animal, or the fact that she has white socks on her front feet or a really bushy tail. Low-cost assistance may be available through local humane groups.Don’t forget to give your phone number and times you can be reached. See her at the Petco on Broadway, Saturday, June 10, 10 a.m. You should also prepare a general history of the pet.

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