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(Mapping of the Roman aqueduct at Viminacium using Global Position System (GPS) (in: Arheologija i prirodne nauke 2 (2006)) - M. Kurkcu lagostena2011 : Infraestructuras hidraulicas en Baetica: Propuesta para el estudio der trazado de sus acueductos (in: Anejos de AEsp A vol 59 (5th symp internat of archaeol de Merida) (2011) pag 671 - 679) - L. Lagostena Barrios and others leveau2005 : Le pont de Barbegal au vallon des Arcs à Fontvieille (Bouches-du-Rhône) : étude archéologique de la dérivation de l'aqueduc d'Arles (in: Gallia vol 62 (2005) pag 97-105) - P. Thernot liot1963 : Recherches sur l'alimentation en eau de Caesarodunum a l'epoque romaine par l'aqueduct de Fontenay (in: Revue Archeologique du Centre de la France vol 2-4 (1963) pag 293-310, vol 3-1 (1964) pag 3 -17, and vol 3-2 (1964) pag 125 - 137) - C. Keenan-Jones korac2006 : Kartiranje Rimskog Akvedukta na Viminacijumu ... Mikic kurkcu2015 : General assessment concerning water systems and hydrography of Paselis (in Turkish: Phaselis su sistemieri ve hidrografisi ....) (in: Journal vol 1 (2015) pag 69 - 79) - M. Martinez Jimerez moralez Rodriguez2005: Analisis ... Verhage (ed) Proceedings EAA (2009) pag 47 - 53) - H. The car was then taken to the prep area where everything was checked out including the installation of special ordered performance equipment ( wheels, tires, headers,hi rise manifold, headers,gears,etc,etc,etc.) When completed a .Then the customer was showed all the equipment that was installed and how to operate the vehicle I came out when available and personally thanked the customer and let him know the sale did not stop there it was just completed and assured him we were there for any service necessary Mr Norm The Mr. Demarez gonzalez2006b : The organization of building work and construction of siphons in Roman aqueducts in Hispania (in: Second congress on construction history, Univ of Cambridge2006) - I. guendon2005 : Dépôts carbonatés et fonctionnement des aqueducs romains: le bassin amont du vallon des Arcs sur l'aqueduc d'Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône) (in: Gallia vol 62 (2005) pag 87-96) - J.-L. Jurado Jimerez jurgens1978 : Ein neuer Aufschluss der romischen Eiffelwasserleitung in Euskirchen-Rheder (in: Ausgrabungen im Rheinland '78, Sonderheft von das Rheinische Landersmuseum Bonn (1978) pag 94 - 95 ) - A. Ruiz Lopez moreno2006 : Aqua Segisamonensis II, el acueducto romano del Arca (in: Revista Cimbra nr 369, juno 2006, Colgeio de Ingenieris Técnicos de Obras Publicas) - I. Crouch padros1999 : El suministro de agua y la red de colectores en la ciudad romana de Baetulo (Badalona) (in: Rodriguez A (ed) Los origenes de la ciudad en el noroeste hispanico: actas del Congreso Internacional Vol 1. Padros Marti perez Marrero2010: Nuevas aportaciones al estudio hidraulico del acueducto Romano de Tempul (in: Actas des congreso internacional Aqvam Perdvcendam Cvravit Cadiz 2009 (2010) pag 183 - 196) - J. Bestue Cardiel perez Marrero2011: Nueva metodologia ... Garganta del Valle (in: Actas del Septimo Congreso ... Mathieu (ed) L'eau dans les Alpes occidentales a l'epoque rmaine, Cahier du CRHIPA vol 19 (2011) pag 213 - 237) - F.

siphon) -germain de montauzan1908 -burdy1991,2006 -talbert2000 -hodge1992p428 -FG1988p190 -wikander2000p50 -grenier1960p118 -chanson2000a,2001a -jeancolas1983,1986 Metz (Gorze) - DIVODURUM MEDIOMATRICORUM - METTIS -blanchet1908 -lalance1923 -grenier1960p199 -FG1988p76-burnand1983,1997 -leveau1991,1992 -hodge1992p135,p433n78 -fabre1992,2000 -lefebvre1997 -chanson2000a,2002d -fabre2000 -wikander2000p50 -bromwich2003 -heilig2006 Nimes/Pont du Gard - NEMAUSUS -stubinger1909 -grenier1960p88 -volkmann1963 -bailhache1983 -FG1988p207 -hauck1987,1988 -fiches1989 -smith1990 -hodge1992p97 -bromwich1993 -fabre1991,1992,2000a,200b -kessener1995,1986,2006 -ellis1996 -grewe1998 -wikander2000p63 -wilson2000 -bossy2000 -chanson2002a,2002d -bessac2003 -ohlig2004 -paillet2005a -carbon2005 levret2005 -fonder2007 -kemper2009 Paris/Wissous/Arcueil - LUTETIA PARISIORUM -buchelius1585 -blanchet1908 -de pachtere1912 -desguine1948 -grenier1960p180 -duval1961 -FG1988p78 -fleury1971 -guillerme1983 -philippe2001 -bailhache1983 -wes1995 -nnparis1996 -bromwich2003 Saintes (Aqueduc du Douhet) - MEDIOLANTUM SANTONUM (incl.

Agusta-Boularot andreu pintado2011: La presa romana de Cubalmena (Biota, Zaragoza) y el abastecimiento de agua a la ciudad de Los Banales (in: Caesaraugusta vol 82 (2011) pag 199 - 221) - J. Bruun carbon2005 : L'aqueduc de Nîmes dans la haute Vistrenque: analyse interdisciplinaire d'un tronçon souterrain (in: Gallia vol 62 (2005) pag 69-86) - D.

de feo2007 : Historical developments of the Augustan Aquaduct in Southern Italy: twenty centuries of works from Serino to Naples (in: Water Science & technology vol 7-1, pag 131 - 138) - G.

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Palau i Bages sanchez2010 : El Municipium Sexi Firmum Iulium y el agua, el acueducto y la produccion de salazones (in: L. Lagostena Barrios (ed) Aqvam-Perdvcendam-Cvravit (2010) pag 197 - 215) - E.

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