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The birth of dragons has awakened powerful magic in lands to the far north and lands to the east. "Beware the seven false gods, the spider, the rose, the lion, the silver trout, the falcon, the spear and most of all the mad Kraken.

Trust only in dragons and wolves." Tokyo has become a city of factions, barely able to hold any order, the police long forgotten in a world of rampant crime.

[Set in AU] Welcome to the world of Lincoln and the Loud family as they endeavor themselves as characters in the author's world of one-shots and chapters that "didn't make the cut." What kind of adventures unfold for Lincoln and the gang? The series contains romance, drama, suspense, vanilla, lemon, and the like.

Step into the world of Lincoln as he is a participant of depraved, lecherous acts against his choosing.

Yuuri returns to Detroit to be honored at his old skating rink.Due to the graphic nature of this story, discretion is STRONGLY advised!Kirishima gets hit with a sex pollen quirk while on the job.Evening hours held an unspoken civilian curfew, though the bold could never be restrained and the bolder used the time to indulge their own desires.Gambling halls, drug dens, and escort services provide revenue for many faction organizations.

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Bakugou is out of town when he gets the call from Shinsou explaining the situation.

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