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It could be meeting in the middle, or somewhere specific, or in your own areas. This is especially important when verbal communication isn’t that easy.If you’re dating a deaf person, you might find it more challenging to communicate over the phone than face-t0-face.But time always flies when you’re having fun and when the day comes where you say your goodbyes, nothing can describe the heartache and tears when you won’t see them for a while.My boyfriend and I both have hearing loss, but we’ve had a successful relationship for for nearly 3 ½ years now!

Create a photo collage or get a canvas print for your bedroom, it will give you something to look at whether you’re feeling happy or sad.The best thing to do is to have a date pre-planned for the next time you meet, before you say goodbye to each other.This gives you something to look forward to and makes the goodbye a bit easier!We regularly have movie nights via video chat to feel close, even when we’re far away.One of us will show a film on a TV and then turn the camera to face the TV, allowing us to can both watch the film together.

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