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Mr Grossi reportedly reported the information to Argentina's chancellor Jorge Faurie, who called the country's defence minister, Oscar Aguad, at 10.15 this morning.

Spokesman Nr Balbi said: 'The two separate reports point to the same time and almost the same place.

The ship 'is equipped with two deep water submersibles which allow exploratory searches at a depth of up to 6,000 metres' or 20,000 feet, a statement quoted by Russian news agencies said.We are in a critical stage and going 'in crescendo' with each hour that passes.' He said that three ships were expected to arrive at the area of ocean where the 'hydroacoustic anomaly' - an unusual underwater sound detected using sonar - was heard at 11pm. News of what appears to be the last chance of finding the crew alive comes as the father of one submariner spoke poignantly about how families were 'entering into despair' over finding their loved ones alive.Luiz Tagliapietra, the father of Alejandro who is on the sub, told the Cafe de La Tade progamme on Argentina's LN channel yesterday of their anguished wait for news: 'It's terrible, hard to find words.The Yantar is a new ship that joined the Russian navy's Northern Fleet in 2015.Russia's involvement comes as the search for the sub, which is carrying 44 crew members, enters its eighth day with fears growing that the crew's oxygen supply could have already run out.

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Officially, Argentina's Navy is refusing to speculate on the fate of the sub's 44 crew members and have vowed to continue the search for the stricken vessel.

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